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Our inventory is constantly growing, and these are some current raw inventory in the pictures. End tables, couch tables, patio furniture, hanging wall art, hanging spatula mobiles, salt & pepper shaker holders, coasters, Lighted wall mirrors, lighted art decor, tables with custom colors and lighting if you wish. YOU NAME IT, WE CREATE IT! One of a kind creative custom art design pieces, cannot be duplicated because of the nature of the cuts.We will have new one of kind pieces hitting the inventory periodically if you want to inquire or check back here.Such as the lighted wall mirror piece – we have 11 more pieces of this strain of wood. All Limited editions.

About Us

Our story began here… Dee is a crafty type of girl. Dee loves firewood for her new fire pit. Bob is a giving guy with access to wood in his travels. Bob brought wood home for Dee to have bonfires in the yard with friends. Dee saw the beauty in the wood and didn’t want to burn it but instead wanted to make it pretty. The colors, the excitement, the uniqueness of each piece that began to form right before their eyes was amazing to them. Could this be amazing to others too? Bob bought all kinds of tools for Dee. Her crafty mind started to go wild with ideas!We thought we would make a coaster, and then a shelf, and what if we put lights in that hole???? We are constantly coming up with custom pieces for people with our ideas and theirs, and we make it happen. To this day Bob is constantly scouring the country side in his truck looking for distressed tress that need to come back to life. This is how we became B's Trees & Dee's-igns.